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We are open Monday-Friday 8-11 for breakfast and 11-2 for lunch, and Sundays for breakfast only 8-1pm. 

We have a beautiful breakfast and lunch menu of globally inspired entrees.  Please come by and see us 3221 Esplanade.


Where in the World is my Breakfast?                  Dishes inspired from flavors of the world

Akoori – India: Spicy Indian scramble with Serrano chiles, ginger, tomato, cilantro and green onions.  Served with sautéed veggies and Aloo Paratha (Spicy potato stuffed tortillas) - $11  (V)

Eri’s Breakfast – Thailand: 2 seared and basted eggs, Lundberg Farms Jasmine rice, red curry sautéed veggies, cherrywood smoked bacon or chicken/apple sausage, Serrano chili-cilantro wonton chips, all drizzled with our Thai Breakfast Sauce - $10

Mediterranean Fusion – Italy, Greece & Turkey: Grilled polenta topped with sautéed mushrooms, red bell pepper, squash, broccoli, carrots, sundried tomatoes and two poached egg, drizzled with a greek vinaigrette, topped with feta cheese and grilled onions.  Served with grilled naan bread - $10 (V)

Pupusas de Queso Y Huevos – El Salvador: Two eggs any style, savory black beans, Lundberg Farms rice and your choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken/apple sausage or fruit salad. Served with our own house made queso fresco stuffed pupusa, topped with a vinaigrette slaw - $11

Shakshouka - Israel: Two poached eggs in a sauce of tomato, chili, onioin, potatoes & feta and topped with cilantro.  Served with grilled naan bread - $10 (v)

Huevos Rancheros – Northern Mexico: Two eggs over medium on top of a crispy corn tortilla, topped with ranchera sauce, roasted poblano chiles, grilled onion and house made queso fresco.  Served with pinto beans, mexican rice, uncured applewood smoked bacon and housemade flour tortillas - $11

Huevos Montulenos – Southern Mexico: Stacked corn tortillas, black beans, grilled ham, gouda cheese, topped with two eggs over medium, chipotle salsa, peas, plantains, house made queso fresco and green onions - $11 (GF)

Migas – Texas: Crispy corn tortilla chip scramble, ladled with ranchera sauce, topped with crema and avocados.  Served with your choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken apple sausage or a side of fruit.  Also includes pinto beans, mexican rice and housemade tortillas-$11

Southern Comfort – Virginia: Biscuits & Gravy like back home. A fresh baked biscuit ladled with smoked sausage gravy, a side of cheese grits and two eggs any style - $11

West Coast Sunrise – California: Brown Rice & Egg cakes made from Lundberg Farms Brown Rice, topped with avocado, roasted red bell peppers, feta cheese and veggies then drizzled with our cilantro vinaigrette.  Served with your choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken apple sausage or a side of fruit- $11 (GF)

Eggs Benedict – New York: Classic elegance: two toasted Tin Roof English muffins, grilled Canadian bacon, poached eggs and house made hollandaise sauce.  Served with potatoes and Roots fruit salad - $11

Huevos Benedicto – Los Angeles: Two Tin Roof English muffins topped with poached eggs, ladled with chorizo gravy, cheddar cheese, sour cream and avocado. Served with pinto beans - $11

Oma's Breakfast Biscuit-Midwest: Biscuit "sandwich" filled with fried chicken, sausage and gravy, over easy egg, and cheese-not for the fragile! Served with a side of fruit to keep the balance!- $12

Breakfast Soft Tacos-South Texas: Two warm and soft flour tortillas stuffed with egg, bacon, cheese and ranchera sauce. Served with your choice of either potatoes or fruit- $10

American Breakfast – USA: Two eggs any style, fried potatoes, cherrywood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage or fruit salad and choice of toast - $10

A Plate of Love & Comfort                         a half stack of warm fluffy pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes: Traditional buttermilk pancakes with pure maple syrup.  Served with choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage or a side of fruit - $9

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: Tart lemon and house made Orland Creamery Ricotta Cheese are infused in our pancakes, topped with warm berry compote and our house made lemon curd.  Served with choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage or a side of fruit- $10

Whole Wheat & Honey Pancakes with Pecans & Maple Butter:  Whole Wheat Pancakes infused with Bordin Bees Honey, topped with toasted pecans and our housemade maple butter. Served with your choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage and a side of fruit  - $10

Bananas Foster Stuffed French Toast: French bread stuffed with a cream cheese-banana filling.  Dipped in our house made batter, grilled & ladled with our warm bananas foster sauce.  Served with your choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage or a side of fruit. - $10

Cheese Blintzes with Berry Compote & Two Eggs: Two crepes brimming with our decadent  house made fromage blanc & ricotta filling, and topped with warm berry compote.  Served with choice of uncured applewood smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage or a side of fruit and accompanied with two eggs any style. - $11

Hold the Breakfast                            Breakfast sandwiches

Provolone Breakfast Grill: Provolone cheese, uncured applewood smoked bacon, fried eggs over well, grilled onions, and sautéed mushrooms between two slices of whole wheat sourdough. Served with Roots Fruit Salad -- $10

Nuts & Grains

Housemade Granola: a mix of almonds, pecans, oatmeal, toasted coconut, spices and honey.  Served with, raisins on the side and your choice of milk. - $6 (GF) (V)

Roots Oatmeal Bowl: freshly made oatmeal, served with dried cranberries, toasted pecans, toasted coconut, brown sugar, and milk - $7 (GF) (V)

Plain Greek Yogurt, Bordin Bees Honey, Seasonal Fruit & our house made granola come together for a beautiful and healthy parfait. - $7 (GF) (V)

I’m Hungry Mama!                                   Breakfast for the little ones

Silver Dollar Pancakes: Five child sized buttermilk pancakes.  Served with whipped butter, pure maple syrup, and choice of cherrywood smoked bacon or chicken-apple sausage$6

Comfort Breakfast:  Two scrambled eggs, served with your choice of cherrywood smoked bacon or chicken-apple sausage and choice of toast. $6

Kid Friendly Omelet: Two egg omelet filled with cheddar cheese and served with cherrywood smoked bacon or chicken-apple sausage and choice of toast. $7

Kid Breakfast Burrito: Flour Tortilla filled with scrambled egg, apple-chicken sausage & cheese. $5

Breakfast on the Side                         yummy add-ons

Bacon or Sausage - $3.50

Side of Toast - $2.50

Beans - $3

Rice - $3

Two Eggs any style - $3.50

Two Buttermilk Pancakes - $7

Side of Gravy

Side of Maple Syrup-$2

Side of Sour Cream-

Side of Salsa-

Side of Potatoes

Large Fruit Bowl- $7

A Cup of Warm & A Glass of Cool       drinks to warm the body and quench the thirst

Organic Fair Trade Roasted Coffee - $2.50

Espresso - $4.00

Macchiato - $3.00

Con Panna - $3.00

Cappuccino - $3.50

Lattte - $3.50

Mocha - $4.00

Americano $2.50

Red Eye - $3.00

Cafe Au Lait - $3.00

Vanilla Steamer - $3.00

Vanilla Latte-$3.50

Matte Latte-$3.50

Mexican Latte - $4.00

Mexican Mocha - $4.00

Mexican Hot Chocolate - $3.50

Hot Chocolate  - $3.50

Chico Chai - $3.50

Hot Brewed Tea - $3.00

Juice – Apple or Orange - $2 (small), $3 (large)

2% Milk - $1.50 (small), $2.50 (large) + $0.50 for almond milk

18% Gratuity will be added to all parties of 6 or more

(GF) denotes Gluten Free Entrée

(V) denotes Vegetarian Entree



·Served with choice of side

Cheeseburger-house made Niman Ranch Beef garlic butter patty, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese, served on a grilled Tin Roof Kaiser Roll - $10

Argentina Burger – house made Niman Ranch beef garlic butter patty, mayo, lettuce, onion, pepperoccini, chimichurri, Parmesan, topped with fried egg on a grilled Tin Roof Kaiser Roll - $11

Torta Cubana – Roast pork, applewood smoked ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and mustard, grilled on a freshly made Tin Roof Kaiser roll. – $10

Shirmp PoBoy – Crispy, corn meal coated shrimp, shredded lettuce, pickles, mayo and remoulade served on a hoagie roll - $11

Korean Pork Tacos- Korean style marinated grilled pork on corn tortillas topped with pickled carrots, cabbage, fresh sliced jalapenos, cilantro, and a side of our spicy Korean sauce. Comes with two tacos and your choice of side-$10

Tacos Dorados- Fresh made crispy corn taco shells filled with savory pulled chicken, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, shredded cheddar, crema, and spicy ranchera sauce. Comes with two tacos and your choice of side-$10

Tri-Tip Sandwich - house smoked tri-tip, lettuce, tomato, thin sliced red onion and Dijon deli spread on a grilled sweet French roll - $11

Cemita - classic Pueblan sandwich - breaded chicken breast, topped with avocado, melted mozzarella, onion, chipotle crema on a grilled Tin Roof Kaiser Roll - $10

California Turkey – Sliced whole roasted turkey breast, uncured applewood smoked bacon, tomato, red onion, avocado, sprouts and green goddess dressing on Multigrain $10 

BELT Sandwich – Uncured applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, mayo, served club style on multigrain . - $10

Esquites Quesadilla - sautéed corn, onion, and Serrano chili, combined with cilantro, melted queso fresco and mozzarella served with our house roasted salsa and sour cream. Comes with your choice of side-$10

Kubideh Sandwich- Persian spiced ground beef patty, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, and tzatziki sauce-served on a grilled naan bread. Comes with your choice of side-$11

Shrimp Tacos- Corn tortillas filled with our special recipe sauteed shrimp, chopped egg, shredded lettuce, crema, tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime. Comes with two tacos and your choice of side- (GF) $11

All above Entrees served with choice of side:

·         French Fries

·         Fruit Salad

          Roots Salad

·         Serrano Chili Pesto Fries – add $1.00 - this dish contains peanuts



Lemonade or Soda - $2.50

 Iced Tea– $2.50

Coffee- $2.50

Milk-$1.50 (small), $2.50 (large)

See our Espresso Bar Menu for more drinks!


Grilled Chicken & Feta Salad – Salad greens, tomato, caramelized onions, carrots, bacon, avocado topped with grilled chicken & housemade warm balsamic dressing & feta.  Served with toasted baguette slice (GF) - $10

Roots Signature Salad with Chicken - Seasoned grilled chicken, served over salad greens, strawberries, toasted pecans, red onion & feta & served with our signature sweet vinaigrette.  Served with toasted baguette slices - $10

Soba Noodle Salad- Fresh soba noodles, carrots, green onions, and bell peppers-tossed in a lightly spicy Asian  vinagrette served on a bed of mixed greens and topped with cilantro, sesame seeds, and peanuts (V)- $9
-add chicken for $2
-add shrimp for $4


Moroccan Seared Salmon - Wild caught Alaskan salmon rubbed with Moroccan spices & grilled, then topped with flavorful tomato chutney.  Served with brown or white rice and sautéed veggies - $12

Shrimp Tacos - Three corn tortillas filled with our special recipe, sautéed chipote shrimp, chopped egg, shredded lettuce, house made crema, tomato, onion, cilantro and lime. - $11 (GF)

Chicken Butter Masala with Paneer - tender yogurt marinated chicken breast, house made Paneer cheese - stewed in a tomato curry, served over your choice of brown or white rice, along with gilled veggies and naan bread. - $10

Thai Coconut Pineapple Chicken Curry – Grilled chicken, peanuts and pineapple in a spicy coconut milk curry served over basmati rice and sautéed veggies. Served with toasted baguette slices.- $10 (GF)

Thai Coconut Pineapple Tofu Curry – Grilled Tofu, peanuts, and pineapple in a spicy coconut milk curry served over basmati rice and sautéed veggies. Served with toasted baguette slices. - $10 (Vegan)

 18% Gratuity will be added to all parties of 6 or more

(GF) denotes Gluten Free Entrée (V) denotes Vegetarian

ADD $3.00 for split orders

Cannot split check for parties larger than 6